Bravo Award

Bravo Award Jene L. Cash

Described as someone who makes you feel special, Jené Cash fully understands the meaning of friendship, not only to those who know her but to everyone she comes across. As a founder of The Girlfriends Christmas Party, she has touched the lives of hundreds by hosting an annual party for more than 20 years. Through her connections and collaborations with charitable organizations, she has brought toys to children who would’ve gone largely without. Her work has also collected and distributed toiletries to women in need, care packages for college students, and much more.

But friendship – apart from being supportive – brings others closer to the resources to build their own skills and have better opportunities. As a board member of Civic Heart Community Services ( Formerly Change Happens!), Jené seeks to empower our community's children, youth, and adults with education so they can have healthier lives, make informed choices, embrace change and thrive.

She is also a loyal friend to Links, Inc. - Missouri City Chapter, and a 20+ year member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. where she has served her community in both organizations in whatever capacity needed to provide positive and impactful change.

Thank you, Jené Cash, for being an unconditional friend.